Our FREE Web Series Reveals:
"How I Escaped Working for Vacation Days to Setting Up My Office Anywhere In The World!"
Our FREE Web Series Reveals:
"How I Escaped Working for Vacation Days to Setting Up My Office Anywhere
In The World!"
What You'll Find Inside:

We'll Show You One Of The Most Effective Ways To Build An Automated Income Asset While Traveling The World…

A Secret Formula That Doesn’t Require A Social Media Background Which You Can Implement Immediately…

How To Replace Your Full-Time Income Working Remotely From Your Laptop…

What You'll Find Inside:
The Most Effective Way To Build An Automated Income Asset While Traveling The World…
A Secret Formula That Doesn’t Require A Social Media Background Which You Can Implement Immediately…
How We Replaced Our 9-5 Income Working Remotely From Our Laptops…
You've been invited by:

Amanda Judith Mullen
You feel stuck and unfulfilled...
You're scared it's too late to make a change...
They told you responsibility means becoming an 'adult'...
"You have to build a career. You have to pay the bills."

They told you sacrificing now for the 'long-term' is the right thing to do...
"You can't have it all. Traveling? Out of the question. Only 2 weeks vacation a year."

They told you there isn't another way...

Well, your boss is gonna HATE me for telling you this...

but, all those people telling you those things...

They are wrong.

It is possible to have it all...

It is possible to enjoy your mornings...
(to wake up without an alarm clock OR a morning commute)

It is possible to find purpose...

It is possible to travel the world...

Are You Ready?

Meet Your Hosts...
Ashley Krooks
Multi 6-Figure Per Year
Online Marketer
Meet Your Hosts...

Ashley Krooks

Multi 6-Figure Per Year
Online Marketer
Are you like us?
- Trapped daydreaming about the trip to Machu Picchu...
(Losing your breath as you hike to the top of the adjacent mountain for "THAT PERFECT PICTURE")

- Constantly yearning to travel Europe the "classy" way...
(No more hostels, just the places you've always wanted to stay so you do it "THE RIGHT WAY")

- Anxiously excited for your next adventure...
(Your itinerary. Your time. Your choice.)

But can't do any of this because
you're restricted by a "responsible job"?
We were trapped too.
But we broke free.
Instantly discover if our marketing
system is the right fit for you.
Instantly discover if our marketing system is
the right fit for you.
Don't Take It From Us...
Listen To Some of Our Other World Travelers...


I'm Alex and I'm 27 Yrs Old...

I started so I could attain more financial freedom and independence, and so I could fulfill my time doing what I love (traveling) and creating an impact for others instead.

I’ve grown personally and professionally within the last year.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and recognizing my true potential. Mentally I’ve been able to gain more confidence, reduce my anxiety and build better relationships with my family, friends and team.

There’s power in community ;)

Financially I’ve been able to double my income, giving me the ability to travel every month to a new place and finally start knocking off those bucket list goals!

Khyle & Ashley

We started this business because we wanted to find a way to create a brand/business online around our adventures, passions and lives. Something that would allow us to build a life together and make an impact on the world.

Since started this business we have grown personally and business wise exponentially. We're completely different people. Having grown into the people we've always wanted to be. Developing a belief and confidence in ourselves that has propelled us to where we are today.

The adventures and traveling that this business has allowed us to go on is incredible.

The freedom to just "Get Up And Go" is exactly what we wanted our lives to be like. Because of this business we were able to go on our dream Honeymoon to Kauai for 10 days.

We also plan to move to Seattle next summer. These were all just hopes and dreams before. Now, this is our reality. The best part of it all, we get to show others how they can create this for themselves too!

Tyler D.

I started this business because I needed a way OUT of the 40 plus years I saw ahead of me of being stuck in an office and not actually LIVING life. I knew the lifestyle I wanted, (freedom, independence, travel!!!) and this seemed like the way to get me there. I wanted to work hard, but ultimately work for myself- whenever and wherever I wanted.

Since starting I've grown in so many ways personally and professionally.

I have built confidence I never knew I had in me. Building my business pushed me outside my comfort zone to connect with others and develop an abundance mindset that I CAN have the things I want in life.

I've been able to quit my 9-5 and travel to many places I've always wanted to WHILE still making an income. I got to go to the Caribbean and island hop with my family and then one week later left for Australia and traveled around the country for several weeks.

I am now living the lifestyle I wanted for so long and am SOO thankful I found this and went with it!

Cheyenne S.

Wasssuppp guys, my name is Cheyenne.

I started working online because I couldn't stand the mere thought of waking up at 80 years old and not have done what makes me happy in life......

which was TRAVELING.

I wanted to be doing everything travel had to offer (who doesn't?!) Snorkeling, hiking, new foods, airplane rides... everything about it intrigued me, and I wasn't doing it enough.

Little did I know, building an online business also meant tons of personal growth!

I've developed a new skillset, I have a much better outlook on life, and I've met a whole online community of other digital nomads building online businesses.... so countless travel buddies!!

Working online has enabled me to take countless road trips and volunteer abroad.

ALSO - super crazy, but this business alone has inspired me to break a few Guinness World Records relating to travel!

I'm super grateful for everything this opportunity has given me because I couldn't imagine life without it!

Wow, you made it clear down to the bottom.

That's cool!

Now that you’ve seen these testimonials, are you ready to become one yourself?
It's Time To Take Control, Isn't It?
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